Tim White is a British painter, best known for his science fiction and fantasy book covers, record covers and magazine illustrations.[2]

White studied at the Medway College of Art between 1968 and 1972.[2] Following this, he spent two years working for various advertising studios, until he received his first book cover commission in 1974, for Arthur C Clarke’s The Other Side of the Sky.[2] He has since provided covers for authors including Robert A. Heinlein, Frank Herbert, August Derleth, H. P. Lovecraft, Piers Anthony and Bruce Sterling.[3]

In A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, Robert Weinberg says, „White combines superlative detail with a largely figurative approach to his work and creates a totally realistic image of his landscape of the imagination.”[2] The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction says, „White has been celebrated as a representative of a new school of super-realists that began shaping British [science fiction] art in the mid-1970s”,[1] but notes that he has been „relatively inactive since the year 2000”.

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